Javier Hagen works together with a global community

of composers, musicians, visual artists, researchers, technologists, thinkers

to keep music creation alive and accessible,
so people worldwide can be informed contributors and creators.
Hagen believes this is essential
to individual growth and our collective future,
and that it is only when people step forward
– either as local, national or global citizens –
that sustainable change happens.
Javier Hagen is actively involved
in the following structures:

ISCM International Society for Contemporary Music
Jury ISCM World Music Days Young Composers Award 2014
Advisor ISCM working groups (ISCM archives 2015- and ISCM communication 2016-)

SGNM Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (ISCM Switzerland/SSMC)
president, since 2014

president, since 2011

ECPNM European Conference of Promoters of New Music
board, since 2015

EFA European Festivals Association
Swiss deputee 2015 & 2017

UNESCO Valais Switzerland Intangible Cultural Heritage ICH
board VS/Switzerland, 2009-2018

Swiss Music Edition
board, since 2016

board, 2013-2019

Int. Contemporary Music Festival Forum Wallis
founder & art. director, since 2006